Thursday, August 19, 2010


so i realized that these blog posts just ended suddenly, but it was for good reason. day 63 was my last day of work. (and then day 64 would be driving back to o-town so laura could drop me off on her way to racine, wi for the last tournament)
um, let's see.... on day 63 we had rain delays, so i ran out and slid in puddles with 2 of the office interns whose names i don't remember.
that night, laura, hil-dawg, and this one girl (who i think is a lot of fun but whose name i don't remember anymore) went to dinner with the boys, then went to laura's and my room and watched youtube vids for like 3 hours before the front desk guy called and said we were being too loud. oops.

also, the night before that, the boys banged on me and laura's door at 3 a.m.
we weren't happy.

it was a fun summer, but i'm glad to be home. when i got back, i hung out for a few days before my family left for vacay.
now we're back and i'm excited to go back to UNL!!!!

one last time, gute nacht!

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