Thursday, August 19, 2010


so i realized that these blog posts just ended suddenly, but it was for good reason. day 63 was my last day of work. (and then day 64 would be driving back to o-town so laura could drop me off on her way to racine, wi for the last tournament)
um, let's see.... on day 63 we had rain delays, so i ran out and slid in puddles with 2 of the office interns whose names i don't remember.
that night, laura, hil-dawg, and this one girl (who i think is a lot of fun but whose name i don't remember anymore) went to dinner with the boys, then went to laura's and my room and watched youtube vids for like 3 hours before the front desk guy called and said we were being too loud. oops.

also, the night before that, the boys banged on me and laura's door at 3 a.m.
we weren't happy.

it was a fun summer, but i'm glad to be home. when i got back, i hung out for a few days before my family left for vacay.
now we're back and i'm excited to go back to UNL!!!!

one last time, gute nacht!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

day 62

longest day of my life.

games ran from 9 to 5. we planned on leaving the hotel at 630, but hil-dawg overslept, so we all just chilled in the lobby til 7 when she graced us with her presence. in her defense though, she uses her phone as an alarm clock, but her phone has gone insane and stopped working properly meaning her alarm didn't go off.

anywhoo, when we got to the fields, we set stuff up and then i joined morgan (a kick-it sponsorship intern) under the jif tent. my duties for the day were to work jif. soooooo boring. morgan is cool though, so that helped. we both almost fell asleep multiple times throughout the 8+ hours of games. ugh.

i also had to help out with juicy juice for a little while, but that was even more boring because i didn't have anyone helping me to keep me company. at one point, laura and i had to go around fixing goals and i overheard a mom say, "there goes the jif girl"
WHAT?! just because i spent my morning passing out peanut butter doesn't mean i'm the face of the company! goodness! and then while i was working the juicy juice tent, some guy asked me if juicy juice and jif had the same owners. i said no i didn't think so and i asked him why he asked. he said that he saw me working jif earlier and so he figured that since i was working juicy juice now too that they're owned by the same company....?
really people? did my official kick-it polo not clue you in that i don't work for jif? like why did i get a reputation as the jif girl just because i sat under the tent that had jif samples? had i been wearing a jif polo, i could understand their confusion. but i very obviously work for kick-it since i match all of the 14 other kick-it employees at this event.

AND even if i worked for jif, i still have a name! and that name is shannon, not "jif girl"! ahhh.

anyway, nothing super fun happened today. just the usual complainer parents and hyperactive kids.

when we finally cleaned up and left the site around 6, i was sooooo tired. but the day wasn't over yet. we showered and went to hil-dawgs room to post scores, then ended up watching youtube videos for like an hour. finally we went to dinner at a mexican restaurant in vail village at like 9, had some laughs, and came back. (but laura stayed behind bc she was worn out).
chris and i were twinsies tonight. i saw him wearing a blue shirt and jeans, so when i went to change, i purposely put on a blue shirt and jeans. haha and then we sat next to each other all night just as any twins would.

now i'm back at the hotel, it's almost midnight, and i'm still tired. so i'm off to bed!
nighty night!

Friday, July 30, 2010

day 61

we got to the fields around 8, set up, ran check-in, games started at 1, games ended at 4, we put stuff away and whatnot, we were very rudely spoken to in the parking lot, and we came back to the hotel. not a TON of excitement in that time span....except that we almost tipped a gator like 3 times between me, chris, sean, laura, and hil-dawg. not surprising. AND sean and i were nearly attacked by a bird. i don't want to go into's too sensitive of a topic.

when we got back to the hotel, we showered and got ready to go, then we took some sponsors out to dinner. laura and i were laughing almost the entire time (which is ok, since we were on the opposite end of the table from the important people). the reason we were laughing? dave, on of the people from the office who are helping with this tournament, is an even bigger d-bag than cole was. i cannot even begin to describe this guy....he has no censor when he's talking, he can't tell the difference between debt and investment (long story), and he tried to tell us that he went to a women's studies class at his sister's school and that they talked about menstruation the entire time. isn't women's studies like a historical class? i don't really know, but i think dave just wanted to make a funny story. only it wasn't funny at all, and i think everyone gagged on their dinner when he talked about menstruation while people were eating. plus, he was talking about hooking up with every girl in the room, from our waitress to the other customers to the sponsors we were, he was soooooo inappropriately cocky. laura and i were hysterical - we kept making eye contact while dave was telling his super duper, extremely loud stories and as soon as i looked at laura i knew we were thinking the same thing. hahaha i had a hard time holding in my laughter while this dude was talking. oy. i wish i could describe it better, but you'd just have to meet him. this will be a long weekend if i have to spend much time with him.

anywhoo, after the extremely offensive dinner, we came back to the hotel (with hil-dawg as our guide.....we took the scenic route) and now laura and i are just chillin in the hotel room. only tonight, we're literally "chillin" - our room is freezing.

tomorrow games go from 9 to 5, and we have to get to the fields at 630! ah! another looonnnngg dayyyy.....

good night!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

day 60

today was super long for some reason. i swear i have no concept of time anymore. i don't know what day it is either. dah.

we left for the fields at 8, painted and set up goals, then we came back to the hotel and took naps. after that, laura and i went back to the fields to work out (event director hil-dawg didn't join us because her phone was broken hahaha - liar)
immediately when we got there it started pouring rain. ice cold, wet, uncomfortable rain. but we worked out anyway, and after a while it let up. we also got to kick a soccer ball around a bit and do some shooting - that felt so good!

after that we came back, showered, and then got picked up by mr. eric peyton!!!! it was so nice to see him!! we just wandered around vail village and lionshead (and we even drove to avon to see eric's TINY apartment! haha it's like smaller than my dorm room from last year) and we just hung out until his friend, mark, got there (mark was visiting vail this weekend too and he came from denver via greyhound). laura got tired at like 9 so we dropped her off on our way to pick up mark. we were starving at this point so we started walking around finding places to eat. that's the problem with vail. everything closes so early! and the places that were still open were 21 and over, so we had to search for a long time before we finally found a pizza place that wasn't carding so we could eat din din. (haha i've never wanted a fake i.d. until tonight. i was sooooo hungry!)

we ate and chatted for a while, then the boys walked me back to my hotel/lodge on their way back to eric's car. the road we were on was on the back side of the lodge, which is the direction that me and laura's first floor room faces. i saw a window that looked like ours - open window (no ac in the hotel and no window screens. scary? yes.), fan in the exact same position, curtains just how we had them, etc. - so eric and i climbed up this muddy hill thing and i was going to scare laura by climbing in through the window. i got to the window and looked in, only to realize that it wasn't my room!!!!! bahahahaha i'm SOOOO glad i checked before just climbing in! how awkward would that have been?! the room was all dark, so i couldn't really see anything except for the crack of light under the door to the hallway - but i knew the room wasn't mine because the door was on the wrong side of the wall. my room's layout was the reverse of that room. WHEW! i think i saved myself from a trip to the police station. haha

as soon as eric and i realized that the room wasn't mine, we ran down the hill (i actually slid down it, seeing as i was wearing toms and had no traction) and decided to just be normal and use the front doors. so now i'm back in my room, hoping that nobody makes the same mistake i did and just waltzes in through my window.....

i know vail isn't exactly full of crime, but would it really hurt to give the rooms window screens? like, i just think that would be logical. especially since we're on the ground floor. oh well. i guess it's convenient in case of a fire....?

tomorrow we finish setting stuff up and games start at noon! it'll probably be another long day!!

later gators

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day 59

we got up, worked out, and left for vail.

the drive really wasn't too bad - no wasps in the truck, no brake failures, etc. i really can't complain. when we got to our hotel/lodge thing, our room was already ready, so we checked in and were lucky enough to get a first floor room! i don't know why, but i was so excited about that. how convenient. =]

after we got all settled in, i had a fantastic phone chat with miss jordan grubaugh! ahh it was so nice to catch up with her and talk about life.
it was a long phone chat though, so by the time i got back to the room, laura told me she thought i had died. haha oopsie ;]

from there we left to explore vail a little bit. it wasn't the same being here without george and stuff, but it was still verrrr nice. we checked out the ugliest shoe shop i've ever witnessed, and we wandered through another few shops before we went to dinner at pazzo's - the best pizza place everrr. yum. =]

then we ran back to the hotel because it had started to rain freezing cold rain, and neither of us had jackets with us. when we got back, the boys were here so we hung out with them for a bit and watched part of the mls allstars v man-u game. i can sum it up in 1 word: EMBARRASSING. man-u played half of their second string players and still dominated us. i only watched until like the 40th minute because i couldn't stand to watch that disgrace any longer. man-u scored a goal in the 36th SECOND. that's right - i didn't say MINUTE, i said SECOND. wow. don't even get me started....

then me and laura and chris and sean went to the grocery store and got food for breakfast the next few days since our hotel's breakfast isn't free (those jerks) and now laura and i are just chillin like villains in our very large, first floor room. =]

i'm super tired though, so that's all for now!
gute nacht!

day 58

today started off pretty slow. we found out that we don't need to be to vail until thursday, not wednesday like we originally thought. so we're staying in denver another night and we will drive to vail tomorrow.

this morning we got up for breakfast, then we just laid around all morning like total lazy bums. around 1 or 2, we went to the office to drop off some broken stuff that we don't need and that just gets in our way all the time. while there, we shot some hoops in the warehouse and chatted with hil-dawg and bryce. then we left the office and just came back to the hotel for a bit (and watched a tv show about little people) before we left for stephen's house. the other road crew that's in vail with us, chris and sean, are staying at stephen's so laura and i went over there to hang out/grill out with them and stephen. it was sooo much fun! those boys are hilarious. we watched a bit more of our tv show about the little people (it's called "the little couple" and it's addicting) for a little bit, ate bbq chicken and some steak kabobs, and chatted about life. after dinner, someone whipped out the jumbo marshmallows. it started out friendly, just throwing them around and throwing them into the ceiling fan so they'd shoot off in random directions.....but then one thing led to another and before we knew it we were running all over the house and chucking massive mallows at each other as hard as we could. like, we were leaving welts on each other. haha we were all sweating and breathing hard and running and screaming and hiding and sneaking and......ah it was so fun! by the end, our huge fluffy marshmallows had turned as hard as rocks. i think we just beat most of the air out of them. i still have some red marks on myself. haha but it was totally worth it. =]

after we called a truce, we went to cold stone and met a little 4 year old boy named miles. i'm not a huge fan of kids, but i honestly wanted to steal this one. he was sooooo cute and super friendly! we probably talked to him and his mom for a solid 15 minutes. and i wasn't even annoyed! THAT'S how adorable this little boy was. i hope i have a kid like that someday..

when we got back, we all just sat around and talked. laura and i started interrogating sean about his life and it evolved into a would you rather sort of thing. burger king or mcdonald's? chocolate or vanilla? fly or drive? ocean or mountains? etc. soon chris joined us and we interrogated him for a bit, started into the would you rather questions again, and before we knew it, 3 hours had gone by and laura and i were deleriously tired. so we had to say goodnight to the boys and go back to our hotel. now we're getting ready for bed and my phone is all cracked out and keeps deleting things and acting weird so...that stinks.

tomorrow we head to vail!
gute nacht!

Monday, July 26, 2010

day 57

today i got up early and ate with the fam fam before they all went off to work. then i ran and packed up my stuff, had an early lunch with my momma, and left for laura's house.

we ended up rollin out around noon. not a lot of excitement, we just.....drove.

at one point, after stopping for gas, we realized there was a wasp in our truck! ahh! we started freaking out, laura decided to drive in 2 lanes on the interstate, and we kept losing sight of it and then it would pop up again out of nowhere. scary! finally, i whacked that little booger out my open window and we were safe! it took a lot of tries though. that wasp was a tricky little feller..

also, laura lost the charger for her gps, so we went cruisin through the backroads of denver and eventually found our hotel thanks to our killer instincts (ie, a mixture of my phone, an atlas, and the google maps directions barb looked up and texted to us). ;]

minor details.

tomorrow we'll most likely continue on toward vail! woop woop!

goooooood night!